13th of november - Auður released his first song- "Fljúgðu burt dúfa" from his upcoming album, the first one since the critically acclaimed album "AFSAKANIR" came out in 2018.  Along with the release of "Frosið sólarlag" in october, a duet with gugusar, a prominent new artist, taking over the music scene in Iceland.

Exciting new music coming soon

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The young and critically acclaimed Icelandic artist AUÐUR released his collaboration with the chart topping Icelandic rapper FLONI "Týnd og einmana" in July 2020 and took the summer by storm topping all possible charts in Iceland.


"Týnd og einmana" is a sensual song about the emotions that show themselves when you try to save someone when they don't want to be,

The single might possibly be an indicator for some more collaboration between 


Auður released his new suite “ljós” Friday the 3rd of April. "ljós" is a cycle of different emotional commitment that repeats itself. A repetitional loop that we often find ourselves in. Lust and appreciation to obsession. Drawing structural inspiration from prog rock bands such as Pink Floyd and The Mars volta.


"ljós" blends the soundscapes of modern urban music with progressive songwriting and includes fantastic features by Bríet and Drengur.

Auður recently won Song of the Year the Icelandic Music Awards for his 2019 Summer hit “Enginn eins og þú” and also took home the awards for Best Singer and Best Live Performer.




In unprecedented times like those we are all experiencing, music and art surely helps ease the fear and confusion. This pandemic has disrupted Auður's original release plans but that doesn't stop him from creating , it just reroutes his talent and for now is focusing on more music in his native tongue, while continue to write and create music in other languages.

He surely holds on to the possibility of being able to release his first international release with Sony Music, who he signed a recording deal with in 2018, only time will tell. Stay tuned.


“Enginn eins of þú” (No One Like You) was his first single since his breakthrough album “AFSAKANIR” (Excuses) which attracted critical attention from across his home country, the nordics and in the UK for its bold honesty and visceral energy. It also won him two awards at the Icelandic Music Awards, Album and Composer of the Year.

Auður penned and produced music in multiple collaborations and then spent the every other day performing all over the country and getting song Enginn eins og þú to #1 on every radio station.

AUÐUR performed this summer at Roskilde Festival (DK), Secret Solstice (ICE) this Summer, then finished his year of performances by performing at Airwaves (ICE) in November and DR Store Juleshow (DK) in Denmark

“Enginn eins of þú” (No One Like You) ended the year on a high note, having scored the most played song in Iceland on two biggest radio stations in Iceland: RÁS2 and BYLGJAN. 


Auður has earned a reputation for making unconventional ways in the release of his music, from catching his music Pokemon Go style to the golden ticket Willy Wonka Chocolate bar style, but this time he took it the next level and released a surprise album titled “AFSAKANIR” on 2.11.2018 (translated Excuses) which is a raw, original and incredible bold piece of pop music. This is an honest and beautiful approach to heartbreaking and deeply intimate details of the end of a long term relationship and battles with mental illness. Icelandic artists including Birnir, GDRN, Valdimar, GKR, Matthildur and ClubDub contribute to the conceptual flow of the record.


Since then he has traveled all over the world from Japan to Norway, writing, performing and producing. Auður released his debut album titled “ALONE” in 2017, which spread like wildfire in Iceland and abroad, resulting in Iceland Music Award nominations for Album of the Year & Singer of the Year and then with later single release the same year “I’d Love”, winning Electro Song of The Year and Video of the Year.


Auður followed in the footsteps of Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Rós and Kaleo when he won the newcomer of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards 2016. 

'Making music that's unlike anything else

coming out of Iceland right now'

- The Line of Best Fit


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