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Consulting and project management

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Since 2014, we at Iceland Sync have offered consulting services to musicians and anyone interested in knowing more and simply to get a step closer to knowing what to do and what not to do.


The music industry is one complicated industry and we are discovering new things everyday ourselves that we would like to pass on to artists and music professionals out there. Combined we have decades  of experience of all aspects of music from the actual stage to creating music, to publishing, music business, PR, management, booking, sync, licensing, distribution, concert promotion, music video production, digital aggregation and so much more.

Book an appointment or just send us a question right here!!!

We are here to help!

We will go through what you need help with and evaluate your situation. Then we do our very best to direct you in the right direction and give you information regarding your issue, go through standard info like codes, royalties and copyright issues, release strategies, distribution options and tackle with you whatever you need help with.

Sit down meeting/workshop/consulting please contact us.

We can also help with time management, manage a release, help with distribution or take on project management when needed or wished for.

Fee is calculated and according to the size of the project.

We can overall tackle the complicated back end of the music industry with you so your registration and rights are covered and you are monetizing your art so you can make a living of your passion.

Introductory email is of course free to see if you need us :D

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Pictures from a group lecture for KÍTÓN - Women in Music in Iceland
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