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Iceland Sync Creative, is an Icelandic based Talent Management, Booking, Publishing, Synchronisation, Concert Production and Promotion, Label Services, Distribution & Consulting company. 

As of 2023 - the departments will now be as following:

Iceland Sync Management - Artist development and management.

Iceland Sync Records - All label services and distribution.

Iceland Sync Booking - Domestic and international artist booking.

Iceland Sync Publishing - Publishing, synchronisation and music licences. 

Iceland Sync Live - Concert production and promotion. Sales and merchandising. 


The changes have already taken effect after rapid development and success in recent years. ISC will operate from Iceland but also through international partners in London, Copenhagen, Oslo and Los Angeles.


They aim to:
a) Helps develop and launch Icelandic artists domestically and internationally.
b) Manage artists, songwriters, producers and bands as well as their catalogs.
c) C
reate compatible music business industry in Iceland.

d) Spread love and joy all around the world through music


Mission: Our mission is to synchronise Icelandic arts and music world-wide by being the bridge between artists and the industry on a global market and create compatible music business industry in Iceland.

Vision: Our vision is to be the go-to company for Icelandic artists ready to advance their career internationally.

Founded by:

Soffía Kristín Jónsdóttir

Steinunn Þóra Camilla Sigurðardóttir

Iceland Sync Creative works closely with collaborators throughout the music industry all over the world. Music professionals like, MMF,
EMEE, Keychange, ÚTÓN / ICELAND MUSIC, GL Publishign, Nordic Music Partners, STEF, DAYTRIPPER, Iceland Airwaves, Reykavík Music City, LIMPI,
among other amazing collaborators. 

Keychange Phase 2 Lockup.jpg

Runólfur Arnarson is "Head of Booking" and is responsible for booking ISC's artists at domestic events and in collaboration with foreign bookers on international platforms.

Brynja Guðmundsdóttir is the "Head of Publishing and Synchronisation" and she is in charge of copyright matters, working with songwriters and producers. Organising sessions and  songwriting camps as well as working with synchronisation and licensing. 


Soffía Kristín and Steinunn Camilla, founders and owners, take care of artist development, label services, project management, concert promotions and production. They share the passion of building a thrifing music industry in Iceland with strong music business culture. 

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