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Runólfur Bjarki

Runólfur is the head of bookings at Iceland Sync Management. Runólfur has a B.A. degree in International Creative Business from Inholland University of Applied Sciences. He majored in music management, focusing on artist development. Runólfur was raised around musicians, and started playing the accordion and flute at Tónlistarskóli Kópavogs when he was 8 years old. In 2016, he did a solo concert and had his final exam, thus graduating from Tónlistarskóli Kópavogs. 

Runólfur’s career in music began in 2016, when he started teaching accordion and flute at Tónskóli Eddu Borgar. He taught there for two years before moving to the Netherlands to study. In 2019, Runólfur started to work as an artist manager for Ari Ólafsson. Ari studied classical singing at the Royal Academy of Music in London but wrote and produced pop music on the side. Runólfur helped Ari with his pop music, guided his debut single release and organized his first concert. Not long after they parted ways. In 2020, Runólfur started working as an intern at Iceland Sync Management, helping out wherever he could and was needed. When the internship came to an end in 2021, Soffía and Steinunn offered him to stay on as a booking agent. Upon graduating from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Runólfur was made the head of bookings at Iceland Sync Management. His main focus now is to find and sign on new talent to the bookings department, helping Iceland Sync grow to become the powerhouse it is meant to be.

Runólfur Bjarki

Head of Bookings

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