Melina Wunderbar

Melina, who is originally from Hamburg/Germany, had a strong connection to music in many ways for her whole life, but didn’t start her professional career in the music industry until 2013, after working as a librarian in Germany for almost eight years.

While still working in the State and University library in Hamburg, Melina started to study Cultural and Media Management, which brought her to Iceland in 2013 for an internship at Iceland Music Export. Very fast she fell in love with the country and its diverse music scene, and therefore decided to move to Iceland permanently.

Through the years Melina worked for several music festivals (Iceland Airwaves, Sónar Reykjavík and Copenhagen, Secret Solstice, Saga Fest, Breiðholt Festival), became one of the organisers of Melodica Festival and started arranging regular concerts in secret spaces with Sofar Sounds Reykjavík. In these different jobs Melina got to work closely with many Icelandic and international musicians, as well as with the international music industry, and she always loved to network and connect musicians to the right people to help them building or growing their career. 

For that reason she decided to start working as a sync agent, with the aim to build a bridge between Icelandic artists, who would like to place their music internationally, and supervisors, who are interested in Icelandic music and looking for somebody to take care about the licensing.