The L.A based Icelandic singer/songwriter SIGGY shares her debut single titled “Never Did I” that came out this summer that sets the tone for her upcoming EP. The song which showcases her alluring vocals over a cinematic, solemn soundscape. The song which was written by herself with the help of Printz Board ( known for his work with Black Eyed Peas and produced by Young Nazareth taps into the relatable territory of lost love combined with mixed emotions. SIGGY puts her all on wax as she details her feelings about an individual who is not in her life at the moment.

Like she explains in her own words, “The song Never Did I” along the music I’m currently making, is inspired by a thought that I feel we all have some time in our lives where we realize that someone who was once a stranger suddenly became everything, where someone from passing became someone we deeply loved, how love works in mysterious ways and how someone who you would have never imagined became so important to you. I worked with various people on this song, I worked with Young Nasareth, a young and talented producer from Iceland, who created the beat. As well as Printz Board a very experienced producer based in Los Angeles, who helped in tying it all together. Together we created a song that I hope others will enjoy and maybe invite people to think of the people in their life’s who they had not expected to fall in love with but did, that you never know how important the people we come across will later become to us. Along with just a nice song to vibe to on a late night car ride through the city. “

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