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Steinunn Þóra Camilla Sigurðardóttir

Camilla is a talent manager, music rights activist, and entertainment business  entrepreneur based in Iceland. Steinunn Camilla graduated from the Commercial College of Iceland majoring in International Business in 2004 and later studied International Business and Anthropology at the University of Iceland and currently finishing her B.A. In Creative Arts and Cultural Industries at the University of Bifröst She managed an independent theater, Loftkastalinn until 2006, while  at the same time, in 2004 she joined Nylon (later The Charlies), the most successful Icelandic girl band, that she later co-managed, landing international recording deals with Hollywood Records. With over a decade of hands-on world wide experience from the side of the artist,  manager, working in publishing, label services and much more,


Steinunn Camilla has extensive and valuable input in the development and managing of Iceland Sync and their artists. Her main focus is to discover, nurture and deliver amazing music to listeners and structure the business part for the artists as fair pay for play, so they can focus on their creations.

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