Steinunn Þóra Camilla Sigurðardóttir

Steinunn Camilla, born and raised in Iceland, is an Artist Manager and Entrepreneur based in Iceland and Los Angeles, California.


From both artistic background in dance and theater and growing up in the family business of fine jewelry, it came naturally for Camilla to chase after both business and arts.


Camilla graduated from the Commercial College majoring in International Business in 2004 and later studied International Business as well at the University of Reykjavik. She currently is studying Anthropology as her passion of music is leading her to Music Ethnology to understand the big "Why Music" question.


 She managed her own independent theater, Loftkastalinn until 2006. While in 2004 she joined Nylon (later The Charlies), the most successful Icelandic girl band ever. 10 years with Nylon/The Charlies resulted in ten #1 singles, four chart-topping albums, a best-selling book, and a hit reality TV show in Iceland. A move to the 2006 that included an indie deal with distribution through Universal, scored the band a Top 30 British single and #1 hit on the Commercial Dance Charts along with a U.K. arena tours and theater tour. In 2009 the band landed a major label deal with Hollywood Records under the Disney Music Group. Their first project was the record “Fighter on the Dancefloor,” for a network spot for 2010’s ABC hit Dancing with the Stars. At the same time, they recorded their debut album with producers including Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, The Movement, J.R. Rotem, Jukebox and Scandinavian production team StopWaitGo. In 2011 the band and label decided to part ways and the band pursued independently from then on, with releasing an EP in 2011 and a single in 2012.


Her passion for business pushes her to her limits on daily bases and in 2014 Camilla founded the artist management and development company Iceland Sync Management with Soffia Kristin Jonsdottir. Not to stop there they also joined the content and rights management platform company, Icelandic Records, LLC in 2015 where they aim for simplifying the complicated back end of the music industry.

In Camilla's own words she describes herself and her personal traits as following:

"I am an artist manager, publisher and booking agent with a vast experience in the world of arts and business. For the past decades I’ve participate, initiated and proudly overseen countless adventures. I owned a theater, was in the most successful girlband of Iceland and grew up in a jewelry store. I love coffee, chocolate, lilies and red wine. I studied international business, anthropology and designed my own line of jewelry line. I worked at a finance company, a construction company, a music label and a music publishing company. I’ve started my own company, acquired a company and sold a company. I’ve been a project manager and producer in various projects of all types and sizes. For example concerts, albums, music videos, radio shows and much more.

I’m a quick learner, I’m thorough and ambitious. I hear you and I listen carefully. I work well with others and I can also work very well on my own. I work well under pressure as that is the nature of releasing and overseeing artistic projects that are released in the real world of life and business. I follow through and I deliver on deadlines as seen on all the albums, concerts, merch and projects I've successfully delivered. I treat people with respect and fairness and I am there for my team. I firmly believe in treating people the way I want to be treated."

Camilla’s plan is to give artists a fair chance of reaching their goals and living their dreams along with reaching her own goals, adventuring in the world of entertainment and enjoying the ride.