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Solborg Gudbrandsdottir aka SUNCITY, is an Icelandic musician, activist and public speaker. Her chosen artist name SUNCITY is a direct translation of Sol(Sun) borg(City) her own name

Despite her young age, Suncity has been unquestionable active and very successful throughout every type of media over the past years. With awards and nominations piling up for her philanthropy and activism, she is also carving out her musical career with her drive and passion as she has been singing, playing the piano, rapping and creating since she was a kid. Suncity is a hard worker who pushes herself as a writer and a performer every single day. That and much more has earned her an agreement with Sony Music Denmark with her first single “NAKED” in the summer of 2020, hits like “ADIOS” in 2021 and more books and adventures in 2022.

A true viking valkyrie SUNCITY is a force to be reckon with and is only starting.

Stay tuned for new music coming up now in 2023.

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