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Solborg Gudbrandsdottir aka SUNCITY, is a 23 year old Icelandic musician, activist and public speaker. SUNCITY is a direct translation of Sol(Sun) borg(City) 

Lets first talk about activism and public speaking. Despite her young age, Suncity has been unquestionable active and very successful throughout every type of media over the past years. With almost 40 thousand followers on her accounts on Instagram, she is reaching out and spearing through to young adults, kids as well as adults with her straight forward thirst for equality of all. But she doesn’t stop there. She has been appearing in tv and radio and giving lectures for thousands of young people all over Iceland and currently writing a book based on her lectures that have been turned into curriculum in some schools in Iceland. Her focus has been on digital abuse, sexual abuse and education on equal rights. As a result of her hard work, Suncity was awarded as UN Women world wide activist of 2019 and then awarded as one of ten outstanding young Icelanders in 2019 by JCI Iceland and the President of Iceland for her contribution to children, world peace and human rights. 

Then there is the music, her main passion and focus in life. She has been singing, playing the piano, rapping and creating since she was a kid. Performing wherever she could and using her strong ethics and drive in her art as prepared her for a great future in the industry. For the past years she has written and performed with musical and multi media groups like Áttan, as well as participating as a writer and a performer in the preliminaries of the Eurovision song contest. She has been writing and recording with top musicians in Iceland, as well as writing and recording in Finland and the UK. She is not shy to use modern world technology, collaborating with musicians from all over the world to write and perform. That and much more has earned her an agreement with Sony Music DK with her first single “NAKED” out  10.7.2020

A true viking valkyrie, SUNCITY is a force to be reckon with and is only starting. Stay tuned for new music coming up.